5 Minute Wedding Decisions

Without wanting to state the obvious, planning a wedding isn’t easy, there are so many ideas, people, variables and things to consider that it can seem like a miracle when things finally fall into place.
I decided that I wanted to help couples planning their weddings by creating a quick, logical and simple system to help them make their decisions and so “5 minute wedding decisions” was born!

It is a simply a form to complete, the video below explains completely how to do this with even further detail below the video.
The form can be found in a link beneath the video, this can either be printed out or copied onto paper with a pen.

How to complete the 5 Minute Wedding Decisions Form



Click HERE to view the 5 minute wedding decision form

if you’re reading this rather than watching the video then please have the form or a pen and paper copy of the form in front of you.

The idea of this form is simple, it is to help you make a decision about whether or not to book a supplier for your wedding although this idea could be extended for a number of different things.

You are going to write a statement in the box for each question and then give a score out of 10 in the smaller box.

In order for you to answer this accurately it is vital that you understand what “value” actually is and what it means.
The cost of something is a number, value isn’t a number – it can be a whole host of different things, what something means to you, what it does for you, how it helps you etc etc.

Example of buying a Wedding dress

Let’s go through this together with something that you OBVIOUSLY need  for your big day.
Your wedding dress – that way I can clearly explain what value is

Value of the dress to you and your partner.

Well to the bride it means looking like you’ve always dreamed of looking, perhaps that means like a princess, or maybe it means looking the picture of sophistication and beauty – every bride is different
The value is you looking and feeling a million dollars.
For the groom the value is in seeing your partner as she wants to be seen, beautiful, stunning and radiant.
We now give this value a score out of 10 – and it pretty much has to be a 10.

What is the value to your guests?

Similar to the groom in some respects, in that they will be seeing their friend/colleague/cousin etc as the picture of perfection.
Also the dress is always going to be one of the most talked about things not only on the day but afterwards as well.

Again we give this a value score – I think a 10 is a safe bet!

What about value to your wedding day?

As mentioned above the dress is one of the most talked about things from a wedding day, when waiting for the bride to arrive at the church or registry office all the talk will be about the bride and her dress so it is something which sets a tone for the day and that will be seen in the majority of the photos.

Value score – 10, surely!


This is about how memorable the product or service will be so with the dress it’s going to be pretty high.
Without wanting to stereotype the women will probably remember it was a Stella York dress with a sweetheart top and intricate flowery lace detail around the hem etc, the blokes will remember it was white (if you’re lucky)
The bride and groom will never forget what it looked like and how it felt for her to be in that dress and how it felt for him to see her in the dress
So it’s going to be a score of 10.

Importance of using a professional

I’m going to be going through a couple more examples in which this is more pertinent in a moment, not in this example but this is something very important in terms of whether maybe you could save yourself a fortune by either doing something yourself or by going for a cheaper option and whether it is actually safe or not.
For your wedding dress, unless you’re going to make your own dress which my sister actually did for her wedding, then using a professional is pretty bloody important as you want it to be of high quality, comfortable, you want any necessary adjustments to be made accurately and professionally.
This and a whole bunch of other things bring us to a firm score of 10.

We now add these scores, tough maths coming up
We now compare this score with the bandings below

0-15 – Pointless
16-25 – If Budget Allows
26-32 Worth considering
33-40 Make Budget Allow
41-50 VITAL

We find that any score of 41-50 is considered VITAL for your wedding.
A wedding dress vital – now who would have thought that.

Example of Booking a Wedding Magician

Let’s do another example but with something where the value and other parts may not be quite so obvious.
Let’s go through the example of booking me to perform magic and mind-reading to you and your guests at your wedding.

Value of booking a wedding magician for the bride and groom.

Well first of all you’ve got the fact that I’ll be performing tricks like you’ve never seen before, often leaving a special and unique souvenir for you to treasure for years after the wedding but that’s not the main value of booking me.
The main value of booking me to the bride and groom is that it allows them, for example, to go and have their photos taken after the ceremony without feeling like they’re abandoning their guests, it means they can relax into the photos rather than feeling like they’ve got to rush back.
The BIGGEST chunk of value in booking me as a bride and groom is knowing that there is definitely not a lull happening

Feeling at ease, relaxed, not having to rush, knowing that there isn’t a lull happening at all, seeing some fun, out of this world magic, being left with impossible souvenirs and memories from the day.

It’s up to you to then score that out of 10 in terms of how much all of that means to you.
I’d say 10 but I’m biased.

The value to your guests

Picture yourself as a guest when you’ve booked me to perform – Rather than being left to chat to people most of which you don’t know you’ve got an entertainer breaking the ice and uncomfortable silences, giving you talking points, stopping their being 2 hours of standing around whilst you wait for the bride and groom to return, you feel special because the bride and groom have shown that they’ve thought of you and value you being there.
All that and you’re seeing some ridiculous and impossible magic and mindreading!

How much does that mean to you – *cough*10*cough*

The value to your wedding day

Setting a fun, light-hearted tone, keeping the day flowing perfectly from one part to the next, ice broken between people that don’t know each other, lulls turned into talking points and unforgettable moments.

Surely a 10 out of 10, right?


I know I’ve been half joking with the 10s but this is one that is a definite 10 for me.
When was the last time you left a wedding and were raving about the colour of the seat covers a month later, how long after the wedding do you remember how good your chicken was at the wedding breakfast?
If you read my countless five star reviews the underlying theme is one of how people talk about myself and my performance for days, weeks, months, years afterwards, I had a girl approach me at a wedding a month or so ago and she said she’d seen me perform at a wedding 4 years ago and how she’d been telling everyone how excited she was to see me perform again.
In my job I create moments in time that people simply don’t forget, when things happen which are simply unexplainable to them it sticks with them for a long time.

Up to you on this one, but I’d give me a 10.

Importance of using a professional.

In magic there will always be someone who will perform for less, so what does paying for a professional such as myself get you.
Firstly it gets you public liability insurance (up to £10 million) should anything go wrong, it gets you the experience of someone who has performed at hundreds of events previously so I’ve dealt with every type of heckler, fan and situation you can possibly imagine, I know how to split my time to ensure I get around all 120 guests or however many it might be so that no-one misses out.
It means that if I’m ill or injured and can’t perform that I will call on one of the many other professional magicians I know and trust who will cover for me with no alterations or hassle for your day at all – the same definitely can’t be said for an amateur.
So unless you’re happy with “bloke who knows a few tricks and does them at the pub” type magician then using a professional is pretty important – so score this accordingly.

Deciding what you need for you Wedding Day!

You’d then obviously add up these scores and see whereabouts in falls in the banding.

Basically anything that falls in the top two is clearly very important for your big day and needs to be budgeted into your big day even if that means missing out on something else but if that something else hasn’t shown its value to you then it doesn’t deserve your money.

If it falls into the worth considering then maybe it’s obviously something you’re keen on but it’s not going to make or break the day if it isn’t included – maybe come back to it after you’ve organised the things which have proven themselves more vital.

If it falls in the “if budget allows” then you’re looking at something that you really don’t need for your big day, put it on the back burner and 2 months from the ceremony if you’ve got the money then go for it otherwise save the money for the honeymoon or after the wedding.

Anything below this is pointless and shouldn’t be considered at all.