It’s not your fault, you didn’t want it to be like this but you simply don’t have an opinion on the colour of the chair sashes on your wedding day, you didn’t have a clue that a buttonholes were actually flowers and the whole wedding planning thing is really daunting and it basically terrifies you.

I get it, you want to be involved, you genuinely want to help out but you don’t have a clue how to – but don’t worry, my 8-Step guide to becoming a Wedding planning BOSS is here to help you!

  1. Be Assertive
    Your partner is likely to ask your opinion on a massive number of things, there is a chance she is going to have made her mind up on something anyway and just wants validation but regardless make a decision.Saying “I don’t mind” or “You choose” sounds like you don’t care but making a choice actually shows commitment to the wedding planning itself which will be much appreciated.
    If your partner then disagrees and then says she prefers another option then you can then either stand your ground (because assertiveness and confidence is sexy!) or alternatively you can say “yes dear, but that means you’ve got to let me choose the next one.”Either way you’re onto a winner.
  2. Demand something(s) that you want

    Yes, everyone will talk about it being the bride’s big day but without you there wouldn’t be a wedding – so you are definitely an integral part of the wedding day!
    As you are a part of it you should be able to have a say in one or several things that you want on the day.
    Want something? Then ask for it, demand it – be a groomzilla but don’t overdo it – you are not allowed to arrive by helicopter unless you’re a millionaire.
  3. Reflect on your own wedding experiences
    Been to weddings before? What did you like? What do you remember from them? What did you hate? Did the couple forget about organising anything for their guests to do during the quiet times of the day.
    Be inspired by both the things you loved and hated about weddings you’ve been to before to make sure that you get your own day right.
  4. Don’t like something? Say something.

    You and your partner are going to be spending a fair chunk of money on a single day of your lives – it is likely to be one of the most memorable days ever so it is important to get it right.
    That’s why I think it is important to really understand what each and everything is adding to your day.This is really about understanding the value and cost of anything that you’re adding to you day is.
    – Cost is the price of something
    – Value is what that something does for you, the impact it will have on your day.If you really don’t think that, for instance, spending £200 giving every guest a lottery ticket is worthwhile and you’d rather put that money towards something else then say something.
    If you think your £400 professional sweet cart could be done yourselves for £50 then say something.
    If you don’t understand what a wedding supplier’s value is then ask them!As a professional wedding magician I know full well that I have a huge impact on each and every wedding I attend and I know that I am one of the most talk about things after the day. I know that my job on the day is breaking the ice between the guests that don’t know each other, it’s keep the atmosphere fun and keeping the day flowing at the times when it can be a bit dull and it is about making YOUR wedding day utterly unique and unforgettable – what other wedding suppliers can do that!Think about what guests will REALLY remember from the day and spend the money on those things, everything else becomes pretty insignificant.

    My magic is pretty damn memorable



  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff
    There are a few things that you’ll get asked about and you simply won’t care at all, take the easy road here and just agree!
  6. Be the money man
    Once you and your partner have decided on anything for your wedding your supplier SHOULD supply you with a contract for their services and should require a deposit as well.
    This is, or should be, a really easy part of the process if you’re dealing with professional suppliers – so all you have to do is sign a contract (which sometimes can even be done online) and transfer some money.
    One less thing for your partner to do!
  7. The Surprise Element
    Some of my very favourite weddings I’ve ever performed at is when either the bride or groom has booked me as a surprise for their partner.
    When your partner has laboured over every detail of the entire day imagine the look of amazement when there’s an additional extra on the day for her – I’m not saying you have to book me (though I’d recommend me because I’m awesome) but something different and unexpected that’s going to add the WOW factor to your day will be very well received.
  8. Don’t stress – remember it’s not about one day, it’s about your lives together
    Marriage is about two people joining together for life, the wedding is just the first day of it – stressing over things that won’t be remembered in years to come, worrying about whom should sit next to whom and other insignificant things are really nothing to do with your married life together.If everything was to go catastrophically wrong on the day but you still got married then you would still be married and you’d have a hell of a story to tell people.

Chris Piercy is a professional magician, mindreader and hypnotist who is the recommend wedding supplier at some of the very finest venues including The Italian Villa, Pennsylvania Castle, Athelhampton House, Kingston Maurward, Durlston Castle to name but a few.
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