Wedding Magician Chris Piercy at Axnoller House

The 8 things SUPER BRIDES have at their epic NEXT LEVEL wedding!

If you didn’t start your wedding planning by saying that you wanted an “epic wedding”, “the best wedding ever” or something similar then this isn’t the blog for you – move on.

This is a blog for couples who have taken it upon themselves to take their wedding to the next level, past good, past memorable straight through to “unforgettable” and “epic”

If this is you and your partner then I have the 8 things you NEED to have to make your Wedding the one you’ve been dreaming of.

1. An Epic Wedding needs…..The Jaw Dropping Venue

Lulworth Castle - One Thousands Words Photography

Obviously where your wedding is being held is the staple part of the epic wedding.
It needs to be grand, it needs to have an instant impact it needs to make your guests say and feel “wow!”

If you’re getting married in Dorset then you’re in luck as it is literally teeming with venues which fit the bill.
Above we have the second-to-none Lulworth Castle which has to be one of my very favourite venues to perform magic in, every wedding there is different, every wedding is epic!

I’m fortunate enough to be a recommended supplier at Lulworth and at many of the other venues I’m about to list below which tick all the boxes for your incredible wedding.
Athelhampton House, Pennsylvania Castle, Durlston Castle, The Italian Villa, Highcliffe Castle, Canford School, Kingston Maurward, Minterne House, Upwey House and many more.

Not only will high quality venues such as these provide the incredible setting for your wedding they will be connected with high-end wedding suppliers who will help craft the best day possible.

2. Your Epic wedding needs….Fun, entertained guests (and lots of them!)

Wedding Magician Chris Piercy at Lulworth Castle

It’s your wedding guests who really make your day, without them to share it with it’d be a bit on the dull side (not that you weren’t going to invite them anyway!)

It is your guests that will be a part of and create the atmosphere on your epic wedding day – the best way to ensure that your guests have the most amazing day is to give them an unrivalled wedding experience something like they’ve never had, felt or seen before.
Be bold, be different, stamp your personality over your wedding and fill it full of fun and your guests will respond by creating an atmosphere to die for!

3. Your Epic Wedding demands….An Air of Opulence

Opulence comes as standard when you hire your furniture from The White Chair Company

There’s no point in booking out a top quality venue, inviting your best friends and family then and filling it with plastic garden furniture.

It has to be decorated in a way such that people just feel and know they are somewhere special experiencing something unique and luxurious.

High-end companies such as The White Chair Company supply a huge array of beautiful, elegant and memorable pieces of furniture to help create a setting and an atmosphere that your epic wedding demands.
Whether it’s supplying the ideal chairs for the wedding breakfast or creating a cocktail bar environment in a castle these guys have got it covered for you – ensuring that the best wedding ever has the air of opulence that will set it apart from any other event.

4. Guests at your Epic Wedding deserve….Afternoon Entertainment

Wedding Magician Chris Piercy at Axnoller House
Jawdropping magic performed by Chris at the luxurious Axnoller House

Should your guests have to wait around until the band starts playing 6 hours after they’ve got to your wedding to be entertained?

Absolutely not.

The quieter times of the wedding (after ceremony and after wedding breakfast) are actually the very best times of the day to book entertainment for your wedding – if you’ve ever been stood around feeling bored at wedding before you know exactly what I’m talking about!

The goal of afternoon wedding entertainment is to break the ice between all the guests who don’t know each other, keep the day flowing at a time when it can go flat and start a fun, enjoyable and lighthearted atmosphere that’ll keep going throughout the day.

If you really are planning the best wedding ever then there shouldn’t be any lulls or quiet times at all – professional afternoon entertainment guarantees that this won’t happen.

There’s a multitude of options to go for – I’d personally recommend myself because I’m really bloody good at what I do – let this 42 second video confirm that for you.


Want the best entertainment at your epic wedding?

Check Chris’ availability

5. Your own Epic Wedding Hashtag

Make this nice and simple but ensure this hasn’t been used by someone else on Instagram before – for example #smithjoneswedding2018

Have this displayed in multiple places across your venue then your friends and family can take photos – upload them to Insta with this hashtag and you’ll have a whole bunch of unique documentary and posed photographs in one place for you and your partner to look at before your professional wedding photos get edited.

This can be added to at any point in the future too!

6. Exclusive Use! An epic wedding must have.

Let’s assume you’ve already chosen your breathtaking, jaw dropping and awe inspiring venue.
You’ve invited your loving family and awesome friends – but who’s that walking in the background?
Now I’m all for people getting out and exercising and taking their dogs out but do you really want random dog-walkers, hikers and ramblers or hotel guests in the background of your professional wedding photos or loitering around having a gander at what’s going on – I don’t think so!

Paying for exclusive use of the venue will make your wedding feel more special, secure and luxurious!

7. Taste Sensations – Elevate your Epic Wedding

Canapes from Beales Gourmet

When was the last time you tried a new type of food?
When did you last go to a completely different type of restaurant?

It’s a great new thing to experience and the experience of your wedding is such an important thing for guests to have which is why entertainment and food is so important to get right.

Obviously you can go for safe options that you know people will like, and yes I completely understand the Fish and Chips as a main meal is hearty and gives a feeling of warmth but even the greatest fish and chips on earth isn’t going to set the world alight.

Safe wedding food options are fine but forgettable.

One of the biggest tips that Beales Gourmet (who are one of Dorset’s finest caterers recommend) is to be adventurous with your food options and I 100% agree.

Variety is the spice of life and allowing your wedding guests to experience new tastes, flavours and textures is a real gift and experience which will not only add something different to your epic wedding it’ll also make it that much more memorable.

8. An open bar – No Epic Wedding has started with someone buying a glass of milk

Guests enjoying my magic and espresso martini's from an Open Bar at Lulworth Castle

Gulp – imagine the cost of this, right?

Well, yes this isn’t going to be the cheapest thing on your day but allowing your guests to take a break from their wallet and just let their hair down will be an incredibly well received gesture and will show your utter appreciation for the time, effort and money that they will have spent to be there on your day.

Here’s a couple of ideas for you that you might wish to consider incorporating.

  1. Offer free wine, beer and soft drinks
    This was the costs aren’t going to spiral too insanely – if your guests want to move onto cocktails and Jagerbombs then that can come out of their own pockets!
  2. Make a charity donation!
    At the wedding picture above at Lulworth Castle they had an open bar and all drinks were on behalf of the Bride and Groom but they did request that for each drink a minimum of a £1 donation was made to a charity which was close to their hearts.This I thought was a beautiful idea as it not only gave the guests the unrivalled experience that every epic wedding should have but it also gave back something to a cause they believed in strongly.
Kim and Freddie loving the magic at their Pennsylvania Castle Wedding

Summing up

So there you have it – the 8 things that every epic wedding needs to make it epic and I should know as a professional wedding magician for the last 7 years who is recommended at the best higher-end venues that Dorset has to offer I’ve worked at an awful lot of weddings which fall into this category.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog then I’d love to hear your comments on it and please feel free to share it on your social media.

If you’d love to me to help with your afternoon entertainment at your epic wedding then I’d love to speak to you about the packages I offer.
This isn’t just mindblowing sleight of hand and card tricks, I can do a full mind-reading show to the whole wedding party, hypnotise your guests, offer a hosting service on the day, make the best man not able to pronounce any words starting with the letter C, provide a unique bespoke performance to you and your partner and much, much more!

These range from short performances to fill in lulls up to full afternoon entertainment packages that will genuinely elevate your wedding out of the stratosphere.

Just fill in the contact form below and I’ll be in touch about helping make your wedding EPIC as soon as I possibly can!


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