In a change to my normal blogging which focuses on other suppliers which I recommend I thought I’d write something instead to help brides and grooms with my very own wedding planning tips.

Unless you attend an inordinate amount of Weddings then I have been to a lot more Weddings than you, this isn’t me boasting it is just a matter of fact due to me having been a professional magician for a number of years and a large amount of my performances being at Weddings.

I’m in a fairly unique position as a professional close-up magician as I normally have some form of interaction with practically every single guest that is attending, this gives me a somewhat interesting perspective on what guests really think about the Wedding they attended, what annoyed them, what they loved, what they would do differently.

Now some of these comments that are made are throwaway comments based on personal taste, opinion etc however there were a lot of instances where the same things were said and I started to notice a correlation, that is why I am writing this blog to provide you with wedding planning tips to try and make all your guests happy which will in turn provide you with a better wedding.

This isn’t intended to be bitchy or to undermine anyone or anything – your guests are obviously going to be happy as long as the result of your wedding day is that you get married to the person you love but for information purposes it may prove helpful!

1. MASSIVE centre pieces.

The amount of times I have attended Wedding Breakfasts/Meals (and also some corporate events) which have had oversized centre pieces at the table are countless.
These are undeniably beautiful and a great way to add something to your theme.
The problem comes in their size – they block the view of every guest with the person opposite them (sometimes 2 people) this makes it basically impossible for them to chat.
In several cases I have seen guests either move the centre-pieces onto the floor or even ask the waiting staff to move them entirely in order that they can actually converse with everyone at the table.

The exception is if they are so big that guests can then see underneath them!

2. Long Thin Tables.

Italian Villa Wedding

Round tables are SO much better than long rows!

Now this one might be out of your control as it may largely be down to the venue or perhaps to number however if you can avoid long, thin tables where everyone is sat in two long rows then do so.

This is another “guest-communication” issue – if you’re sat like this then you might only be a couple of metres from someone you want to talk to but actually achieving that is nearly impossible.

3. The Speeches.

The Speeches at a Wedding often provide some of the funniest and also the most tear-jerking moments of the whole day and are an absolutely vital cog in whole day so I wouldn’t suggest doing anything with them at all, except for one thing – making them AFTER the Wedding Breakfast.

The amount of guests who I’ve heard mention that they are absolutely starving before they’ve even got to the Wedding Breakfast is crazy, so after you’ve gone through the receiving line, sat down and get ready for the food you’ve then got to sit through sometimes an hour of speeches!

Get the food out first and do the Speeches afterwards or between Dinner and Dessert!

4. Your Photos/The Cocktail Hour.

Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment during the Cocktail hour keeps the day running smoothly.

This is probably the only one on the list which is almost self-promotional.
Not one of your guests would ever begrudge you and your new partner taking as long as you want to have your post-ceremony photos taken in the grounds of the venue you’re at or even going somewhere to have stunning photos taken.
BUT if you are going to swan off for a long period of time make sure there is something for your guests to do.
Booking a magician such as myself is a brilliant way to keep everyone entertained and happy during this period of time, it also gives you the peace of mind that they are happy too.
Other ideas include a Caricaturist, Childrens’ Entertainers and Circus-Type Entertainers.


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5. The Kids

If you are going to have children at your Wedding then realise that they don’t actually need that much in terms of entertainment – I’ve attended several weddings where there is a host of different things for them to do and games to play and what are the kids doing?
Playing Chase or Hide and Seek, also once the Disco is one they’re set for the night!
Colouring Books are a cheap and simple idea.

Here’s one of the best wedding planning tips there are for kids – if there are an especially large number of kids then have the caterers serve their food half an hour earlier – that means they can go off and enjoy themselves while the adults enjoy their food.

6. Photographers.

Wedding Magician Dorset

Would an amateur photographer be able to capture a moment this magical?

This is much more of a personal one of the wedding planning tips rather than something I’ve heard from guests but for goodness sake do NOT hire the cheapest photographer you can find.
I am often sent Photos of myself performing at Weddings by the Photographers who have taken them to use for promotional purposes etc and the difference in quality is telling.
After your Wedding day your photos/videos will be the only physical way to recapture the emotions felt on the day so cut corners everywhere else before you cut costs on a photographer.

7. Running Late

Yes, your wedding day has a schedule, yes certain things are supposed to happen at certain times.
It the day starts running late then it really doesn’t matter at all, your guests don’t mind and neither should you – there are more important things to stress about!

8. The Evening Entertainment

One from the Older guests here that I have heard A LOT!

Not everyone wants to get up and dance at the Disco or to the band, older guests might appreciate the music being turned down a notch so they can carry on chatting about the war and the good old days.

But the most important thing of all

9. You Being Happy

Forget all the wedding planning tips – No one cares what colour the seat covers are, no one cares how much the cake cost, no one cares how pretty the wedding invitation was, no one even cares how good the magician is (ok, so this one is a lie)

Your guests care about ONE thing and ONE thing only and that is for you and your partner to get married and be happy – EVERYTHING else is inconsequential.


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