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The do’s and don’ts – How to win at wedding fairs

Wedding Fairs eh? For some people they're the a haven of inspiration and delight. For others they find it a harrowing experience and after the first one they have to scrub themselves in the shower for a week afterwards and vow to never to one again. In this guide, I...

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Why the FUDGE are wedding photographers SO expensive?

When you start your wedding planning you’ve possibly never even thought about wedding photographers before.Let alone how much one might cost. Just like so much like a lot of things you’re paying for you have no frame of reference on the cost of them. Good quality...

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Wedding Stress Tips – The 5 Step system to Stress-Free Wedding Planning

With more pressure than ever on brides to create the perfect wedding day for themselves, their partners and all of their guests, the rise of the Bridezilla is absolutely no surprise.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

5 simple steps are all it takes to take yourself from Bridezilla to Bridechilla. From worrying about getting everything perfect for everyone, to actually LOVING all of your wedding planning.

Step 1 – The power of gratitude

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The ONE deciding factor when it comes to booking ANY wedding supplier

Award winning means basically nothing.
Price, whilst a consideration, should be thought of last.
And to a certain extent although it’ll affect your decision to make an enquiry or not a supplier’s website isn’t that important.

The one question that you and your partner should be asking yourselves when it comes to deciding upon a certain supplier is as follows.

“Do they care about my wedding?”

I’m not sure if this comes across as fluffy or airy-fairy but I genuinely think that being able to answer this with a Yes should come above everything else.

Allow me to explain.

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What percentage Bridezilla are you?

Take 2 minutes off from it to take my quick and easy "Bridezilla test". It's 12 simple multiple choice questions and you'll be delighted to hear that at the end you'll get your result straight away without having to put your email address to get the answer. After that...

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