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Yes to I do – Your Wedding Planning Podcast

Very excited to announce that myself and fellow magician Jack Brister have launched our very own wedding planning podcast called "Yes to I do". In each episode we are joined by a fellow wedding supplier to talk about their side of the wedding industry, chat over a...

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The 8 signs that you’re planning an EPIC wedding!

If you didn't start your wedding planning by saying that you wanted an "epic wedding", "the best wedding ever" or something similar then this isn't the blog for you - move on. This is a blog for couples who have taken it upon themselves to take their wedding to the...

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The reason 25% of your guests WON’T attend your Wedding

You've met the partner of your dreams, you've put together a beautiful wedding incorporating both of your personalities into a terrific day - what do you need now? Someone to share the day with! As a wedding magician my job is to help make your wedding day better so...

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6 Things Clever Brides do to make sure their guests LOVE their wedding day!

It is pretty much carved into stone that the wedding day is all about the bride and that it is her big day – some brides have been dreaming about and scrap-booking wedding ideas from an early age, some throw together an entire wedding plan in just a few months and some just want to keep things quiet.

In an age where it seems your wedding has to be bigger, longer and grander it is vital for brides (and grooms) to not lose site of the importance of your guests and consider their experience on the day.
Your guests will be happy as long as the day finishes with you married to your dearly beloved but it was T.S.Eliot who said

“It is the journey, not the destination, that matters.”

This guide should help you give your guests a comfortable, relaxing, fun, enjoyable and awesome journey resulting in them absolutely loving your big day!

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The 10 reasons you should have a Dorset Wedding!

10 Reasons that you should get have a Dorset Wedding If you're from Dorset then you will probably know all of the best reasons to get married in our stunning county but if you're planning a Dorset wedding but aren't from the area then you might well be interested to...

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