How to Make your Christmas Party more FUN!

Not everyone is born with an enthusiastic and extrovert personality which allows them to effortlessly mingle at a Xmas Party or Corporate Event, in fact a lot of people are the exact opposite.
Let’s be clear, not everyone wants or needs to be the centre of attention but some people lack the confidence or ability or join in with things when they would actually quite like to.

That is where this blog comes into play, with the ideas below which are very simple and normally cheap to instigate and will encourage the ice to be broken between everyone without the need for electric cattleprods!

5 Corporate Entertainment Ideas that you can implement in minutes!

  1. Matching Cards

    Admittedly I’m starting with one of the more expensive Xmas Party ideas but it’s a great one.

    Find the person at the event with the card which matches yours and get a free drink.

    Put enough money behind the bar for a free drink for each employee.
    Get Two packs of playing cards and split them into pairs.
    Work out how many pairs you need (80 Guests would clearly require 40 pairs)
    Mix all the cards from the pairs up.
    As people arrive give out the cards randomly to people and tell them what to do!

  2. Heads or Tails

    PremiseHeads+or+Tails A really fun and interactive way for one person to win a prize (often a bottle of champagne)

    Once everyone has found their seats at the dinner ask everyone to stand up.
    Tell people to put their hands on their heads if they want heads and put their hands on their bums if they want tails (this is inherently funny anyway)
    Flip a coin – anyone getting it incorrect must sit down.
    This is repeated until there is one winner.


  3. Surprise Raffle

    Completely Random Guests win prizes

    Have the venue staff stick a coloured piece of card or paper under random seats.
    At some point during proceedings (typically during the MD’s speech) everyone is asked to check under their seats for a coloured piece of card.
    Anyone with a bit of card wins a prize (again, normally champagne!)

  4. Quiz!

    A Quiz (probably with champagne as the prize – who would have guessed!)

    Create a short quiz 8 – 10 with factual/funny questions about a well known member of staff (typically MD, CFO, CEO etc)
    Typically leads to a lot of rude comments, banter and laughs!
    Prizes for most correct answers/funniest answer.

  5. Thumbs Up for the next round!

    Thumbs is a classic game which is completely free to set-up. There is no winner just a loser who has to buy the next round of drinks or sometimes do a forfeit.

    A person at the will secretly place their thumb onto the table edge, as people notice they also put their thumbs onto the table too.
    The last person to put their thumb onto the table is the loser!

    5 Types of Christmas Party Entertainment to REALLY Break the Ice

    These will have to be factored into your budget as you’re paying for professional entertainers but it’s well, well worth the investment!

  6. Caricaturist


    A rather unflattering caricature of me!

    Working quickly and seemingly effortlessly, a top quality caricaturist will produce large hilarious, tongue in cheek pictures of people that can be taken home as souvenirs.
    In my experience the pictures are quickly shown around to people immediately and the laughter ensues!

  7. Silhouette Cutters

    There are not many of these artists around which may be due to the ridiculous level of skill at play.
    The artist will cut an exact replica of your side profile out of black card as you sit there and then give you the finished product as a souvenir – typically this takes longer than a caricature but it isn’t half impressive!

  8. Photobooth

    A photobooth, add some silly outfits, stupid wigs, crazy signs and eyewear that Timmy Mallet would be proud of, add some alcohol (or not) and you’ve concocted a lot of fun.
    Photos can then be kept as souvenirs or stuck into guestbooks for memories. 

  9. Close-Up Magician/Mindreader

    No entertainment list would be complete without me shamelessly plugging magicians as the perfect form of entertainment for ice-breaking.
    Hiring a professional magician such as myself is your way to guarantee that people at your event will have something incredible to remember whether it be signed playing cards ending up in the most impossible of places, mind reading or seeing coins pass through solid tables – a top magician will leave people with lifelong memories, stories for around the water cooler and a pure sense of bafflement.

  10. Firebreathers/Jugglers

    Looking for something a little different to wow people with and have outside space?
    fire-breathers, jugglers and “variety” acts will all in likelihood be showing people things that they’ve never seen before in their lives and that in itself is as good as reason as any to hire them!
    And for goodness sake if you do go for fire breathers PLEASE book a professional!