Chris Piercy – Corporate Magician

Business events, Trade Shows, Staff Parties, Product Launches, Team Building, Christmas Parties and more

What a corporate magician can do for your business?

With new businesses starting up all the time and every industry getting more and more competitive it’s never been more important to make your business stand our from crowd and as a corporate magician I can do this for you.

I can create unique, on-brand and very special ways to ensure that your ideal clients become aware of your company, remember your company and most importantly want to do business with you.

How this happens might not be immediately obvious to you unless you’ve already experienced a corporate magician performance before.

If you are unsure then looking through the “Corporate Services” section below should give you an idea. You can then enquire with me.
From here we can then organise a time for us to talk over your needs, your problems and the solutions that my  corporate entertainment can provide.

My Corporate Entertainment Services

Review from Google Summer Party Performance

We brought in Chris for a few hours at the Google Summer Party last week and he did a sterling job… really impressive array of tricks and had the crowd eating out the palm of his hand. Would highly recommend in the future, thanks a lot Chris

Finlay Clarke

Industry Head, Retail, Google

Chris Piercy Magician

Experienced, Unique, Bespoke, Unforgettable Corporate Magician

What sort of events do you work at Chris?
Well, I’m glad you asked.

My work as a corporate as a magician has taken me across the UK and had me performing at a huge amount of different events.

My Personal corporate entertainment performance highlights.

– Performing for Google’s Summer Party

– Being asked to perform mobile-phone-themed street magic on the behalf of O2

– Christmas and Staff Parties for household-name companies such as Tesco, Beefeater, OnePost, Hall & Woodhouse and more.

– Performing at luxurious venues such as The Royal Opera House, The Savoy, Home House and many more.

What do you actually do Chris?

Well that’s a good question, it’s all very well me telling you I’m going to make an impact, I’m going to create on-brand tricks or teach your staff magic but what is my magic like?

It’s fun, it’s engaging and it starts conversations.

It’s modern and contemporary magic combined with dexterous classic sleight of hand, it’s card tricks, it’s mindreading, it’s hypnosis but most of all above everything – it’s enjoyable.

But wait there’s more 

Mindreading Show

Close-up magic is truly an amazing experience for people with it’s only limitation is the number of people who can experience it at any one time.

If you’re looking for something that is going to entertain a large crowd then my comedy mindreading show BIG HOORAYS.

This is a performance of up to an hour for a seated audience and much more of what you would consider a “theatre-style” performance.
This can be used as an after-dinner entertainment following a three-course meal or as the only entertainment at a quieter more intimate evening.

It relies massively on crowd interaction and is designed to show you not only feats of mindreading and skill but also the incredible influence that someone like myself can have over people.


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