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What can a Corporate Magician do for YOUR business.

In an age where businesses start up out of nowhere sometimes flourishing incredibly quickly and it seems like there is less pie to be shared around than ever it is imperative to make sure your business stands out from the crowd.

This is exactly where Chris Piercy can act as your Corporate Magician – you might be asking yourself how a magician can help your business – the best way of answering this is for you to look at the Corporate services that Chris has to offer.

Corporate Entertainnment Services

Business/Product Launches

When launching your new product into the dog-eat-dog world there is nothing more vital than people being able to remember the product/business itself, whether it be the branding, the logo or the the function of the product.

Chris can work alongside your team to craft specially designed souvenirs and/or hand-outs that can be used within unforgettable pieces of magic that Chris can perform at your launch event.
Such will be the impossibility and implausibility of the client having this object they will then have a story and a memory attached to it and hence they will WANT to keep and will not forget your product.

If hand-outs or souvenirs seems inappropriate then Chris can instead perform his most hard-hitting unforgettable pieces of magic at your launch.
People feel compelled to speak about the unexplainable and as the unexplainable happened at your event, your event will get spoken about.

Corporate Entertainment/Staff Parties

Celebrating hitting Sales Targets?
Rewarding your team for a successful year?
Annual Summer Ball?

No matter the reason for your Business’ Event hiring Corporate Magician Chris Piercy is an excellent way to ensure that you and your staff are entertained, blown away and they feel utterly appreciated.

Chris has performed at intimate Corporate Events for companies of 10 people and has performed for 450 employees for Google at The Royal Opera House and everything inbetween so no matter that size of your business get in touch with Chris.

Team Building Exercises

If your business is reliant on your staff working together as a strong unit then organising Chris to come and run his Magic Team Building Exercise.

This is a 2-hour event on which the focus is teaching groups of up to 30 people very basic sleight of hand and magic tricks.
This in itself is a fun thing for staff to be doing in order to break up their busy week but the real purpose is to encourage staff members to provide each other with constructive criticism for the tricks they are learning.
Learning how to give and receive constructive criticism is paramount in personal and professional development.

Teaching goes on for around 1 hour and 40 minutes, the session closes with Chris entertaining Staff with a 20 minute Close-Up Magic performance to finish on a high and leave your Staff with a sense of achievement and bewilderment.

Trade Shows

Real Success at Trade Shows comes down to two main elements.
1. Delivering your Message in a Strong and Memorable Way.
2. Getting as many people as possible to See/Hear that Message.

The amazing news is that both these elements can be answered by hiring a Corporate Magician such as Chris Piercy.

As with Product Launches Chris can work alongside your business to come up with a truly innovative way of delivering your message powerfully to your target audience.

But the beauty in having a magician with you on the day of the Trade Show is that in a magician you have a natural crowd-puller – someone whose very job it is to entertain people, Chris can create a buzz and an atmosphere around your Stand – once the crowd is drawn Chris can deliver your Business’ message in the form of a highly memorable trick and your own Trade Show team can pick up the mantle from there to seal the deals!

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Corporate Magician

Need something bigger?

Chris’ one man mindreading stage show could be exactly what you’re looking for – click below for more details.

Corporate Magician | Entertainer | Business/Product Launches | Staff Parties | Team Building

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