In a brand new blog segment I will be interviewing who I consider to be the very finest Wedding Suppliers in Dorset about all aspects of their business.

This gives you a great chance to get to know the person behind the business as I firmly believe that having a great connection with your wedding suppliers is vital.


My first interview is with the stupendously talented Fi Chambers-Clark from FLC Hair and Make-Up.

You can find out all about her business on her
Facebook Page

This is how we got on!

So with FLC you’re a specialist in hair and make up, which came first?
Both! I formally trained in both hair & make up at a specialist academy, however I have since gone on to do individual training with GHD & other brands for hair!
Was it always the plan to have a wedding business?
Yes, I always knew I wanted to get back into the wedding industry! My very first job was working in a wedding dress boutique!
Oh wow, I had no idea – before you worked there did you have any plans at all for working within weddings?
None at all! All I knew is that I wanted to do something creative and freeing – sitting behind a desk (which I had done for quite a while) was soul destroying!
I was exactly the same, the first time I was booked to perform magic at a wedding about 9 years ago I didn’t even have the slightest idea about timings or the format of the day or anything –  I just turned up when they said and did magic for 2 hours!
Obviously being self-employed and running a business has it’s freedom but do you find that there are harder parts to it as well?
Haha! How funny!
Yes totally, personally I find that it can be a bit lonely sometimes I miss the banter that goes along with working in a team/office environment! When ‘wedding season’ (although mine starts in Jan and ends in Dec now 🙈)
Having to be the sole responsibility for everything, accounts, admin, marketing, networking, creativity etc can be challenging and quite draining!
I know that feeling 100% and I think that often couples booking suppliers can often not quite understand the incredible amount of effort and hard work that goes on behind the scenes – they will see your work as “just” the hair and make-up on the day.
Would you agree or do you think that they understand that it really is a full time job and then some?
Absolutely! I think that some clients do get that it’s more than ‘just hair and make up’ but then some don’t & unless people are aware of what it takes to be self employed it’s very much looked at as a hobby rather than a proper career!
It’s so much more than just turning up on the day and making people feel and look good!
It’s hours and hours of admin, sometimes over a year in advance of a wedding, it’s planning wedding prep schedules bespoke to each bridal party as well!
Not to mention all the stock checking/cleaning, admin, marketing etc!
Of course there’s the furthering our training and skills too which takes a lot of investment, both financially and time!
There’s more stuff then people even realise. Do you ever have people ask you what your full time job is?
Yes, I’m sometimes asked ‘so do you do this a lot or part time’ which is quite funny to be honest 😂
I get that a lot as a magician – “what do you during the week then?”
Ummmm, I run the business!
It’s interesting because I think the fact that when someone is actually full-time and completely professional it means that their prices are naturally going to have to be higher than someone who is perhaps doing it as a bit of money on the side.
How do you convey the difference between yourself and someone doing it on the side?
Or do you think it’s obvious from your work?
I don’t really think I ever have had to explain the difference, I think my prices are reflective of that!

I also think that the volume & consistency of mine and my teams works speaks volumes!

I think one of the most rewarding things as a wedding business. And I’d GUESS that it is particularly prevalent in a visual and creative part of the industry like yours.

Is when you show your work, talk about styles tell a bride a price and they don’t even have to think about it – they just say yes.

Or even better, and I’ve had this before – say “is that all?”

Exactly, and it’s a large factor into why my prices are in a brochure and NOT on my website, if a client loves our style, our ethos and personality’s then the cost is fairly irrelevant
I have had clients say, after their weddings, that I should put my prices up 😂😂
Well I guess that’s what you call over delivering! I’m going to have to ask you a difficult question now…..

But bear in mind there is no wrong answer

Let’s say that there are two suppliers and they have both proven that they’re great at what they do.

You really like their work what do YOU think should be the most important consideration on which one to book.

Ooh ok – I would go with 2 deciding factor.
a) Which one has more of the styles you love – just booking a hair and make up artist isn’t the right thing to do, they have to be right for your style and vibe.
b) Who do you think you’ll have more fun with? This person is literally there setting you up for the biggest day of your life (for sometimes around 6 hours). Who will you gel with more? Who can you have a laugh with!
As a bald man I can’t really comment on the hair part but I wholeheartedly agree with the fun thing.
I think it’s absolutely vital that people have a great connection with the people they book for their wedding. Especially those suppliers who are going to be there with them on the day or interacting with their guests.
You’ve mentioned your team a couple of times, tell me a bit more about them and how it works on the morning of the wedding.
So we are now a team of 4 stylists, each stylist is available to book individually.
Each one of us only takes one booking per day to ensure that our clients are our ONLY priority!
No running away and leaving early or rushing!
We are all very chilled, we love to have a giggle and each stylist is so incredibly skilled!
When booking with us, you know exactly who you are booking.
No trials with one person and then someone random you’ve never met before, turning up on your wedding day!

I guess not just anyone can be an FLC stylist then because they’ve got to fit in with your fun, relaxed brand as well as being really technically proficient as well then?

Exactly – my goal was always to have a small, unique & special team.
I don’t want to just have tons of stylists who all have different styles and ways of working. Our brands ethos is so important and having ladies that fully support & buy into my way of working and thinking was 1000% important to me!
As well as being incredibly talented too!
Having quality over quantity is a very admirable belief to have especially in such a busy and competitive industry as wedding hair and make-up.

Totally!! Always quality over quantity!

So moving more onto that, what are the trends that you’re seeing in hair and make-up for 2019 and do you have predictions for 2020-21 yet?

I think brides are getting so much braver, so much more experimental and happy to just ‘do you’ #doyouboo 😂😂
I’m seeing so many bridal pony tails, faux hawks, paired with super soft, dewy make up going into 2020-2021.

I think and hope that ladies are happier to embrace their own skin rather than caking on the make up!

I think that’s really refreshing to hear.
Especially in this day and age where there seems to be so much social pressure on women to look their best and almost feel as if they’re in competition with other women for likes or shares or comments etc.
I don’t think there really is anything more important for a bride than for her to feel comfortable in her own skin on the day itself.
Exactly! And I hope that as a company/brand we can really show from past work that that is the best way forward, and for ladies that are perhaps a little intimated by the thought of hair and make up artists, that we’re not all going the throw the whole make up bag at them 😂

So as someone like me who knows basically nothing about make up what do you say to women who tend to wear no make up at all.

Really do your research into makeup artists, make sure the person your booking is in tune with your feelings towards to make up!
An artist who is know for full glam make-up may not always be your best fit.
Don’t be worried about saying you never wear any, or that you don’t want to be able to feel make up on your skin or have very minimal make up!
You must feel confident in your look!
And what about hair, what’s the best way or resource to decide upon a style that’s going to suit you? What types of consideration have to be taken on board?
Hair would pretty much be the same but find images of similar hair types to your own, bare in mind that most of the styles seen on Pinterest will have extensions!
Also bear in mind your hair colour. Blondes/highlighted hair will always show up more detail such as twists and plaits than a darker hair tones 🥰. 
Even if you’re super dark brunette or black it’s worth considering having some very natural low lights done to really elevate your hair style!
Also worth noting with your make up, a huge part of getting flawless make up is starting with your skin.

Make sure to really have a solid skin care routine and have your skin in peak condition!

That’s such helpful advice.
I’m sure this will be practically impossible but is there one bride that stands out as being your absolute favourite and why?
Omg! I have so many favourite brides and I couldn’t possibly single just one out!
But as a whole, anyone that approaches their wedding in an individual, bold and personal way is always a sure winner!

Ok, final question.

If you had to give couples one golden piece of advice for helping them with their wedding planning what would that be?

Stay true to what you want from your wedding & yourselves!
Try not to be swayed by others opinions & comments!
Just because something isn’t the way that they would do it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!
Amazing! Thanks so much for your time today. Where’s the best place for people to see your work?
Awesome! You’re welcome!
Website & Insta @flchairandmakeup

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