Interviewing Dorset Wedding Videographer Bryony Curtis-Turner

In these blogs I will be interviewing who I consider to be the very finest Wedding Suppliers in Dorset and the south about all aspects of their business.

This gives you a great chance to get to know the person behind the business as I firmly believe that having a great connection with your wedding suppliers is vital.

My guest for this blog is the Bryony Curtis-Turner, her business is BCT International Videos.

If you’re looking a wedding video to be created either home or abroad then get in touch with her.

She’s a hard working, dedicated and experienced wedding professional.

You can find out all about her business on her
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This is how we got on!

Interview with Bryony Curtis-Turner – Dorset Wedding Videographer

So Bryony, how long have you been making wedding films for?

Hi Chris, thanks for asking me to be part of this interview.

I have been making wedding videos for over ten years ago now.
My first wedding was at Cumberland Hotel in Bournemouth on 25.07.09 where I filmed my younger sister’s wedding.

My original plan was to work on radio, then TV, which I did both over the years in UK and USA, then kind of landed into filming weddings, which I absolutely love; I am a true romantic at heart.

The more I speak to wedding suppliers the more it seems that people end up just almost falling into the wedding industry but once they do they fall in love with it – it’s such an honour to be asked to be part of someone’s day.

With 10+ years filming weddings what would you say are the biggest things that have changed in that time with weddings.

The biggest things that I have changed in my business is:

1. Technology- you have to change with the times. Less than 2 years ago, I spent £20k on new 4K camera equipment, 5K computer, etc. It was quite a big hit.

2. My work load- I take on less weddings at a higher price.

3. I work more closely and socialise with wedding venues and local suppliers.

4. I have applied for wedding Awards and am finalist to both local county and whole of South West.

5. I offer weddings internationally, with two bookings in Caribbean this year and in Mauritius 2 years ago.
Wow, sounds like you’ve been really proactive in that time which I love.
Too many suppliers get too set in their ways and before they know it they’re behind the times and wondering why they’re not getting any work!
Have you noticed many changes with weddings themselves?
My wedding target market has changed over the years, so am more high-end now.
However if you mean what was popular and not; sweet carts used to be a must, but now a lot of people do their own.
Wedding Photo-booths seem to be very popular and a craze for the last 4 years.
The one I really like is the Magic Mirror- have you seen those Chris?
Chocolate fountains don’t seem to be around anymore either?

I think after the investment you made in your business and your experience it was inevitable that you’d become more high end.

I’ve never understood how people made money from sweet carts when it is such an easy thing to do yourself – I can’t even remember the last time I saw a chocolate fountain!

Photobooths are a good laugh for sure and yes those magic mirrors are very cool, I’m a big fan of the more vintage-y style ones too.
Not a huge fan of the ones that look like they could double up as a passport photo machine!

There is a lovely lady called Sarah who runs Swit Swooo, her mirrors are very cool. But I do like the fancy photo booths too – so James from The Photo Booth Bournemouth, is always a good shout.

Obviously I have seen a lot of wedding films in my time and there seems to be a lot of different formats and styles out there – could you explain what the different types are?

There is –
1) candid filming, so handheld and documentary style.
2) Cinematic, this is also candid, but more smooth.
Things are more deliberately out of focus and they tend to be darker.
3) Old style – which tended to have a white glazed filter over the whole video
And finally 4) My STYLE!

And how do you describe your style?

I mix it up!

I use a mix of both cinematic cameras and 4K TV cameras, so the clients get a feel of both styles mixed together.
I don’t like darkly shot video so mine is bright and vibrant – much more suited to weddings!

And what about the audio – some people like having snippets of the speeches over the video.

I edit entirely bespoke to the client. Some clients like to have their audio of speeches or vows in the video trailer and some despise this. I give the options to the clients themselves.

That’s great for them to be able to have bespoke options – I know some photographers and videographers are very much “This is my style, if you want to book me this is how it has to be done”.

That is fine if you want exactly that but it seems your dynamic approach makes a lot more sense and would appeal to a wider audience.

I agree, giving the options back, such as edit style and music choice makes each video more personal.
A lot of clients do say “you choose”, but I always insist on the music choice be theirs as this is too personal for me to choose for them.
Different music will evoke different emotions in different people so it just makes sense for it be the couple’s choice, surely?

You got it! Nostalgia!

Now this might be a difficult question to answer but what would you say are the key elements of a great wedding video?

  1. Content – You need the right content… the bridal prep, the ceremony including the vows and ring she, etc.
  2. Video – This needs to be in focus and covered from a range of cameras to add diversity and angles.
  3. Audio. A mix of audio is great to use – ambience audio and mic audio for vows and speeches.

So in 10 years of wedding films you must have shot loads but can you pick a favourite and tell us why you’ve chosen that one?

1. Would have to be filming my most recent wedding in the Caribbean for the lovely Laura and Lloyd.

This was such an amazing experience. They are all such a lovely people and the day was just ‘perfect’.

2. Filming my best friends wedding in Mauritius, this would be top, but I had to double up and be a bridesmaid at the same time… yes this was hard!
3. Gemma and Heather’s wedding at Sopley Mill last year.
They are both such lovely people and was treated so well by their family and friends.
Our relationships have grown since then and have completed further film work for them and they actively promote me to other wedding couples.
I feel like I have made some good friends here.
It is also from this wedding that I got asked to be Sopley Mills only preferred supplier too!

I know I’m going to open a can of worms here but there are videographers out there charging all sorts of different amounts of money from just a few hundred up to thousands.

Putting the price completely to one side here how can an average couple with no knowledge of cameras or videos know whether the end product is going to be a good one or not?

I think experience is definitely a good focus. How many weddings have they filmed? How many years have they been doing it for? Have they won any awards? Do they come recommended by friends or venues?
Also, watch through their video examples to see if you like their style, etc.
Is there anything particular people with an untrained eye should be looking out for in terms of a badly made video?

The focus of the video… sometimes the footage is out of focus?

Not using multiple cameras.
Videos which aren’t edited properly… so when the camera reverts to the floor, then oh look- there is uncle Bob!

Whereas a good one will look slick, the edits will presumably be slick, seamless or have a ‘sexy transition’ between different shots?

You’ve got it!

Does a high price always mean a good video? Or are there people out there overcharging for their work?
All of the high-end videographers are extremely good and charge a premium because they consistently deliver on that price.
In all of your experience what’s the worst thing you’ve seen happen at a wedding?
One of the bridesmaids broke her ankle because of her new shoes, she waled down some little steps and bang she went down. The ambulance was called, it was very sad.
And what’s been the best thing you’ve EVER seen at a wedding?
Probably the massive firework display at a gypsy wedding up North.
Tyson Fury (boxing heavy weight champion) was the best man and oh my gosh the venue.
It was a castle and there was a room filled with oysters and champagne fountains.
I think that they valued the wedding at £125k and that was 8 years ago!
Wow, sounds like one hell of a wedding! What’s your thoughts on people spending 6 figure sums on a single day?
If you have the money, why not? You can’t take it to the grave with you.
Ha, you certainly can’t! Finally if you could give one piece of advice to all couples planning their weddings what would it be?
Don’t scrimp on your videographer and photographer, because along with the rings… these are the only real physical memories which continue.
Beautiful advice! So if people want to get in touch with you about their wedding film needs what’s the best way for them to do so and to see your work?
They can contact me on: 07500933973 / and view my work on:
I can also be found on social media- Instagram: @bctvideos

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