You’ve met the partner of your dreams, you’ve put together a beautiful wedding incorporating both of your personalities into a terrific day – what do you need now?

Someone to share the day with!

As a wedding magician my job is to help make your wedding day better so I’m always on the hunt for useful information, insight and ideas to pass on to couples who are in the middle of planning their big days.

This week I’ve come across the results of a survey conducted by Nationwide Building Society about the costs of attending Weddings for guests.
And you guessed it, cost is the reason 25% of guests do not attend Weddings.

The figures behind this make for fairly incredible reading as it says that the average cost for a couple to attend a wedding is an eyewatering £800.
This is based upon each member of the couple attending the stag/hen do as well as the big day itself, I did find this slightly unbelievable myself but the figures add up and over 2,000 people were included in the survey so it isn’t as if it was just a small sample.
Unbelievably 1 in 6 of people went overdrawn in order to attend a wedding.

Reward your guests for making the effort to attend!

Here’s the breakdown in cold hard figures.

Attending the Stag/Hen Party

Attending the Wedding Day

But what does this mean for my wedding?

Well it might mean something or it might mean absolutely nothing but I personally believe that it means that when you are planning your wedding although the day is about you and your partner you should definitely be trying to take a step back and view things from your guests point of view as well as your own.

Imagine spending £800 as a couple to attend a wedding and being bored – you’d be unhappy to say the least.

Reward your guests by giving them a day to remember

One of the very best ways of doing this is to make sure that your wedding reception is perfect – although this is easier said than done I am here to help – I’ve written something called “The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Drinks Reception” which I will send you completely free.
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For more details on the survey click this link