Hen Party Magician and Hypnotist


Have you been tasked with organising everything for the perfect Hen Party in Dorset?

Once you’ve found a beautiful place to stay, bought all the wine there is to buy and sorted out your fun day time activities thoughts might then turn to how to make the evening unforgettable – are you stuck for fun Hen Party Ideas?

Hiring Magician and Hypnotist Chris to be your Hen Party Entertainment for the evening is the perfect way to make sure the evening is fun and utterly memorable.




He will use is natural charming, witty and fun-loving style to wow each and every one of your guests making sure to pay special attention to the bride-to-be with extra special tricks just for her.

Chris’ impressive array of mind-blowing tricks with a huge variety of different items, from cards to coins, borrowed rings to rope, mind-reading and card-cheating skill will be sure to create a lasting impression.




Chris is also a professionally trained hypnotist so if you really want to go for all out fun then you can have him hypnotise any number of your guests into seeing, believing and experiencing a huge range of hilarious and astonishing feats.

This ranges from simple things such as Chris making you believe your hand is stuck to your head up to even more impressive feats such as having someone believe he is Tom Hardy or another famous actor/actress.

Please note that if for whatever reason you are not interested in having Hypnosis at your Hen Party then this isn’t a problem at all!



Chris’ Hen Party performances usually work best when done in a private residence, whether this be a hired location or your own home but he is just as able to perform at a Bar, Pub or Club that you are celebrating at.

To find out more or to book Chris to perform for your Hen Party then click the button below.