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The problem is nowadays is that anyone with enough money can buy themselves a great camera and they think that they can call themselves a photographer.
But in my limited experience of photography that isn’t what being a photographer, especially a good one, is all about.

When you’re taking photographs at a Wedding especially you should not just be capturing an image, you should be capturing emotions, memories and thoughts.

Just by looking at Lucy’s photos you can see raw emotion and love falling out of the picture, her work genuinely makes me smile.

With the amount of events, especially Weddings, that I have worked at I’ve come across an awful lot of photographers and fortunately so far I have not worked with any at all that are bad, but what is it to me that makes LucyLou Photography stand out?

I have only worked at one event with Lucy – a Wedding in Sandbanks, after I had finished I gave her my business card and asked if she could send me any performance pictures to me.
A few weeks later I received over 30 photos of me performing, for me personally this was an uncommonly high amount – but to me it wasn’t the fact that so many had been taken but much more the fact that I had barely seen her at all.
She had been like a photography ninja!

This I think is a MASSIVE plus point with Lucy, she doesn’t interfere with what is going on, she doesn’t ask people to stop and look at the camera – she takes photos of what is there, this means she is able to capture real essence of what had been going on at that exact moment.


That doesn’t mean that Lucy cannot do more “staged” photos by any stretch of the imagination, you only have to look at her beautiful and heartfelt couples pictures on her site to see the consummate skill that she possesses!

Not only that but Lucy can also offer a Wedding Photo Booth, complete with silly hats, glasses, props, signs and all to provide hilarious and memorable photos from your evening Reception.

Here’s what Lucy says about herself and her work in her own words –

“I am so lucky to be able to say that photography is not only my passion but it’s my job and I love it! I’m a real people person so I enjoy interacting with all the guests and often get asked if I am a guest as I seem to blend in so well.

A wedding is such a special day. So much thought and planning has gone into each and every detail so naturally you will want every aspect captured for you to be able to relive the memories for years to come…

That’s where I come in!

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Every wedding is unique and I simply love to tell each story through my camera. I document a wedding day with a creative eye and strive to capture moments as they unfold without intrusion. My style is natural, with a hint of photojournalism. My images are warm and romantic and I like to think that they are heartfelt.

I aim to evoke emotions long after the wedding and what better way to do that than to have your images printed in a beautiful album with bespoke design so that you can relive your special day forever.”

To find out even more about Lucy Lou Photography then please visit her website –

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