Getting engaged and starting your wedding planning is an incredibly exciting time for couples, at this stage your wedding is a blank canvas on which you and your partner can paint and create your perfect day together.

However choosing everything that you want to have whilst maintaining a budget that doesn’t become astronomical can be increasingly hard.

This is why there has been such a rise in couples deciding upon a midweek wedding.

Saturday Weddings

Saturdays are without a shadow of a doubt the most popular day of the year to get married on and it’s pretty obvious to see why.

As most people work Monday to Friday there is a certain allure about a Saturday wedding.

Your guests will often get to make a weekend of it by coming down a day early, fully enjoying the fun festivities and frolics of Saturday safe in the knowledge that people are going to have the following day to rest their weary heads before travelling home.

This also has the advantage of you receiving a very low number of rejections to your midweek wedding invites as childcare and getting out of work is less of an issue on a Saturday.

However there’s only 52 Saturdays in a year which means that Saturdays have two potentially large downsides

1) Venues tend to have these booked out over a year in advance, sometimes more.

2) Supply and demand cause Saturday bookings to come in at a premium, often several thousand pounds more than another day of the week.

What about the other 312 days?

With the wedding market becoming an increasingly competitive market and couples also wanting the very best for their wedding days, so venues began offering Friday and Sunday packages at a slightly discounted rate but it wasn’t long before the demand for these days pushed the prices up further and so was born the actual midweek wedding.

Midweek weddings are NO less fun!

The Midweek Wedding

When you were last at a wedding was there actually any point where you very aware of what day of the week it was or were you just enjoying yourself?

Chances are it is the latter.

The day of your wedding doesn’t actually matter although there are big advantages as well as disadvantages to choosing to have a midweek wedding.

Here’s the list of things that you might want to consider.As already mentioned the venue, often the biggest cost of the wedding, will likely be significantly less than a Saturday.

1) You can arrange your wedding at much short notice – for couples that just want to get on with it rather than waiting over a year!

2) As a busy professional wedding magician for any given Saturday in the summer I might typically receive 3-8 enquiries to perform of which I can only do 2 or if I’m lucky 3 this means that my Saturday rate has to come at a premium.

3) However enquiries for Monday to Thursday are a lot less common meaning that I personally am able to reduce the rate, this is typically the same for wedding photographers, musicians, beauticians amongst others.It’s always worth asking a supplier if they offer a midweek discount when enquiring.

4) Don’t expect to get a discount on Flowers, Wedding cakes and Transportation as the costs and effort for them will be the same as a weekend engagement.

5) You can choose a memorable or significant anniversary date – 17/7/17 is a Monday and looks a lot cooler than 15/7/17, don’t you think? Especially good for a forgetful partner!

6) Not everyone will be able to get the time off of work required or arrange childcare necessary so you WILL get more rejections to your wedding invites.

There are two sides to this.

7) On the positive side you will be spending less money on catering and drinks as there will be less people attending.

The people that DO come will be the ones who really care about being there and will have gone the extra mile to be there so your wedding might be smaller but it will be more intimate.

It will be cheaper for your guests – hotel rooms and travel are at a premium at weekends too.

8) On the negative side, there will be less people to celebrate with.They might have only been able to get one day off of work and might have to duck out early to get to work the next day so partying into the night may be less of an option.

9) Midweek weddings are no less fun!

10) You can get EVERYTHING you’d have at a Saturday wedding at a midweek wedding for a lot less money overall – all suppliers will be able to offer the same level of service regardless of the day of the week.

What’s really important to you?

“A great wedding doesn’t mean a great marriage, a great relationship does.”

Whether you spend every last penny you have saved on a lavish Saturday wedding or whether you get more bang for your buck by getting married on a Monday to Thursday what is really important that at the end of the day you are marrying the right person for the right reasons.

Your wedding day is just one day in the thousands that you will be spending together in your married life and you could argue that those days are more important than your wedding day!