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I’m just going to have to come out and say it

A party without entertainment is like a meal without food and when it’s comes to booking a party magician I’m (probably) the absolute best option to go for.

I fully understand that this may come across as egotistical in some way and I complete agree – this statement is born out of experience though.

I’ve seen it all!

I’ve performed at every type of party that I can imagine.

There’s been unimaginably lavish affairs in stately homes costing literally hundreds of thousands of pounds and theres’s been quiet dinner parties with just a handful of people around the table in their dining room.

As a party magician I’ve seen it all and whilst obviously some are more memorable than others I can’t think of a single celebration that hasn’t been an immense amount of fun to be a part of nor one that I haven’t been told I’ve been a large part of the success of the party.

We had Chris for my wife’s 50th birthday party – all our guests were mesmerised and totally blown away with his performances. Chris blended into the event as if he was party of the family, he had a fabulous sense of humour and was the perfect professional. We hope we can work with him again in the future. He was a real delight to work with and we cant recommend Chris highly enough to anyone that wants to add a really special element to any event.

Rob and Jo Gambi

50th Birthday May 2019

Full Trick performance from a Gatsby Themed Party


What can I bring to the party?

As I’ve already mentioned parties vary so much that it makes little to no sense for me to have “party magician packages” for you to simply book, your party will be unique and as such it should have a unique party package for it – for example what typically works really at one 21st birthday might be completely wrong for another 21st birthday.

Instead of this I’ve found it best to for me create a “menu” of options so that you can read about the different things which I would be able to do at a party – from this we can piece together a bespoke performance that will be perfect for you, your party guests, to fit in with the party itself and everything else you’ve got planned for the event!


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Booking me to be your party magician

If you’ve somehow missed the section above about the different options I can add if you book me then scroll back up and have a look at them.

From here it’s up to you to decide which options sound ideal, which you’d like to hear more about and which just simply aren’t your cup of tea.

This is your party and the entertainment needs to be create within your vision of what that party should be like.

To make an enquiry click the button at the bottom of this block of text.

We’ll have a chat over the phone and come-up with a plan of action so that I can help your party be as perfect as you imagined it being.

From here it’s a simple contract and booking deposit to make things official.

Examples of how me being a magician at your party might work

Dinner Party

You’re having a group of 12 of your very best friends over to your house for a fun evening to celebrate your birthday.

You’re hiring a catering company to do the canapes, drinks, food and most importantly the washing up!

I recommend that I perform close-up magic and mindreading to guests as they arrive and have cocktails.

Following this I perform in small stints in between the courses of your meal.

My part of the evening concludes with a parlour show to the whole group involving every member of the group.

I then depart leaving you to ponder over what you’ve just seen and how any of it was possibly achieved.

Garden Party

It’s a milestone birthday and you’ve got a massive back garden.

You’ve got a team putting up a huge marquee and you’re having 100 friends and family members over for a celebration that’ll go on wildly into the night.

Your caterers are doing an informal BBQ with sumptuous side-dishes and divine desserts.

You’ve already got an acoustic duet for the early part of the evening and a band playing rock and roll music playing from 10pm.

With less structure I recommend going for close-up magic and mindreading for 2-3 hours.

Hypnosis would be an optional extra at no additional cost.

The no-holds barred party

You’ve decided that to celebrate your mindblowing marriage milestone that you’re going to throw the best party EVER!

300 of your closest friends are invited and they’re having a drinks reception followed by a sit down 3 course meal.

You’ve booked some musical entertainment but you decided a long time ago that you definitely wanted a party magician.

You are particularly interested in that magician being me because of my stellar reputation.

We agree that you should go all out!

You book me to perform alongside another fellow professional party magician, for the whole evening.

I perform bespoke magic tricks for you and your partner during the meal. 

I perform a 30 -minute stage show to finish off before the musical entertainment takes over.




Every party IS completely unique so the best way to ensure you have a perfect party performance is to fill in the contact form and then us discuss what perfect means for your event.

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