Sadie Osborne of Sadie Osborne Photography joins me for this blog – well I call it a blog but it’s really just me chatting with my wedding supplier friends.

If you’re looking for a photographer whose passion is utterly unrivalled then Sadie is the obvious choice.

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This is how we got on!

We had you as one of the very first guests on the Yes to I do podcast and the one thing that came through more than anything else was your passion.
Where does that stem from?
Ah this is a hard question.
Sometimes passion develops from a collaboration of things over many years and you can’t pinpoint the direct source.
I guess if I pick apart certain events and moments over the years I can find little lightbulbs of passion that pop up.
There are two events in my life that i say really drove my passion to what it is today.
The first would be not at all to do with photography, but my fascination with people. I find human emotion incredibly interesting, I used to people-watch a lot when I was younger.
I would be intrigued to watch certain individuals go about their life.
Also from a young age, I have taken deep care into trying to make people happy and make a difference in their lives.
As a child, I used to be the friend that people could talk to if they had problems and I loved that I could help.
So I guess within my photography I am able to do all of this!
This keeps the passion burning strong.
The second event would be when I was going through education, I’ve never been an academic and struggled alot.
I did a Degree in commercial photography, throughout that degree I was heavily criticized for the way I worked, they didn’t have much faith in me and i was once told I would get nowhere in photography without ‘photographic theory’.
This part of my life killed my passion for a while, but also ignited something in me to actually belive in myself and learn that I had a passion in me, but i needed to trust myself and not others.
If I really wanted the life I lead, I would have to go it alone and bloody work for it!

That’s such an inspiring answer on so many levels. I think this makes it so obvious to me why so many of the couples who book you actually become your friends. When it comes to booking the right photographer, is there anything more important than that photographer-client connection?

Ah I’m excited you feel that way, with stuff like this I like to be totally honest, even if its nothing to do with business, which partly is the entirety of how I feel about everything, art over business all the way for me πŸ™‚

As you already know, a connection is my everything, but there are some other things that I think are very important. When looking for a photographer you need to spend a lot of time searching through the many out there.

Take all of the stereotypical ‘facts’ you need to look over like how many weddings they’ve done, price and how many awards they may have.

In my view, this is less important on the scale. You need to study through photographers work and see if you can tell that they are passionate and enjoy what they do.

If you look at the images and for each one, you can feel the emotion and read a story then BOOM you have found photography that is successful in documenting that specific couple and all the characteristics that they have. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!! As each wedding is different and each couple will have their own love.

So many photographers shoot weddings with the same feel over and over, which is so wrong as not every couple is the same.
So study that photographer’s work and see if you sense any feelings from the photographs they are showing.

Ditch all the ‘academic points’ you have to go by, they can come later… stick to your own emotion and feel the artwork, let that guide you.

So, and I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but in your opinion, are photography qualifications overrated?

And a big YES from me!
Everyone will have different opinions. but I would say experience and passion will rule over qualifications.
Would you get on a plane if the pilot has many qualifications on flying a plane… but has never actually flown a plane? You learn so much about wedding photography by actually spending time in the field. There is ALOT that qualifications don’t teach you, yes you can operate a camera but how do you deal with… good communication working to create a great connection, people observation, multitasking. people psychology, organisation, keeping 100 different personalities happy, dealing with the weather change, keeping your passion alive, delivering the best experience you can, whilst also getting the job done successfully!
Running a business in your art, where there are 10 jobs to one person I would choose the pilot who has had a lifetime of flying planes and knows exactly what to do in every situation, over the pilot who has a squillion pieces of paper but never flown a plane.
That answer was sponsored by easy jet lol!

Hahaha, great answer. Is a technically perfect wedding photo which doesn’t tell a story or invoke any emotion pointless then?

In my opinion, mostly yes.
I wouldn’t say pointless, but just no depth to the image. But then again this is because I heavily believe in human emotion over technical aspects.
I would say its 80/20 ratio.
Obviously you need the to be able to visually see whats going on in the photograph, but it’s the emotion and the stories that really creates the art of the image.
With the wedding industry side of photography you are dealing heavily with emotion.
This needs to be documented in its purest form.
Normally 9 times out of 10 the moments are only around for a split second, so you have not much time to be really technical about it, you got to be sensitive to picking up on emotion and energy to really grab those images.
So no, not pointless….just less strength & depth to that image.

I think that makes sense, you’re justifying it pretty well from my point of view.
Some photographers might disagee but if everyone agreed all the time it’d be boring!
It sounds like as a photographer you’ve got to me “on it” the whole time.
Obviously shooting a wedding is a lot of fun but is it a draining experience too?

I think I will get alot of photographers to disagree with the way I work, but its true then we’d all be the same. I learned from a young age doing tonnes of work experience not to be the same!

I try and tell lots of new photographers this too!
Also, there is no need to copy anyone else, copyingΒ  doesn’t make you original! Oh my god yes! A wedding is a really full-on day!

You are mentally and physically tired by the end but you do it because you love it!
I normally feel the effect of a wedding, not the following day but the one after, which is bizarre – so Mondays normally wipe me out!
At the same time, the energy that is at a wedding is so high, it acts as a natural buzz! With the type of photographer I am, I feed of peoples energy, this is how I manage to get the images I get.
I’m very sensitive to peoples energy, so I’m magnetized to those moments. haha!

Because I have made such a great connection with my clients, I’m literally so excited for their day that I am naturally energized. So even though it is draining, on the day I’m at my highest and have the biggest of smiles.

This is why I dance a lot at weddings.
My body just doesn’t stop moving #billiejean

I have a similar experience when people book my all day package – it’s a pretty long and high intensity day but I’m feeding off of the reactions of the wedding guests.

Their fun and laughter makes my job so much easier but yeah at the end of an all dayer I’m pretty wiped out!

Weddings are often thought of as quite serious things but how much do you think that fun should be part of a wedding?

Weddings should be like a wedding cake.
The foundations and cake splints should be serious parts but the rest of the cake should be layered of fun, life, family and friends. Then decorated with the love that everyone shares!
At the end of the day, weddings are a celebration of love coming together between two people.
That love is much deeper than just an event.
It’s a lifetime of highs and lows, learning about each other and discovering how and why these two souls come together as one.
Your love isn’t just serious… your love is everything thats written in-between.

Stop it, you’re bringing a tear to my eye! I find weddings fascinating because everyone has such different priorities.

Some people don’t understand why you’d possibly spend a couple of grand on a photographer because “everyone’s got a camera phone now” whereas for a lot of people it’s their biggest investment apart from the venue and the food.

There’s not really any wrong way of doing a wedding, it’s just got to be right for you and your partner really. Would you agree with that?

Hahahah Sadie is preaching the love over here!Β πŸ™‚

And why shouldn’t you!

I agree weddings are fascinating as everyone is different and has different priorities, and that’s totally fine!
I have met so many different people that have very different opinions on photography, I never ever hold that against them.
Weddings are unique to that couple. I never try and push photography on people, as that’s not in my beliefs, it’s my job to educate couples on the importance of photography and how it can be an asset to their day.
This is why at wedding fayres I just have minimal items at my stand, I’m there to help people, not to drive a hard sell, I will never pressure people into choosing me or to alter their budget to spend thousands on photography.
At the end of the day, I will explain how it is important, then it’s up to the couple what they wish to do.
πŸ™‚Β I like chatting about things like this, it’s cool πŸ™‚ also you always get me so thats cool too!
It’s pretty much the same with me and selling magic – although people tend to need more education on the fact that it’s not just card tricks etc.
It actually has a huge impact on the day, the guests, the atmosphere and so much more. So we’ve agreed that all weddings are different but aside from the obvious things do you think there’s anything the ALL weddings simply have to have?
Yes, weddings are all different. they will always be unique in every way. But the thing that they all simply need to have, is love.
Cheesey but true
#wotsits #quavers #stilton
You may not want to answer this, but is there anything you think that people book and you don’t understand why they book it?
Magician, LMAO hahaha, just kidding

HEY – easy on the burns! That’s a yellow card and your final warning!Β For me it’s when people spend hundreds of pounds on a sweetcart

Canapes!!!! yes canapes!! I don’t understand canapes, I mean yes they are tasty but I think instead of having wee little bitsize snacks going around I would ask the caterers to make a small snackin’ buffet filled with picnic food.
I saw it at a wedding this year and it was great!
People were loving it and it was help yourself snackage. I’d never seen it done before but I think it was a great idea as hungry people are not happy people.
Omg yes sweet cart! Just do away with the cart and then put eveything in a buffet!
Maybe I’m just pro-buffet?

Who doesn’t love a buffet?
Just a few more questions and I’ll let you get on with your day. Can you describe what your style is?
My style is simple…. An organic storyteller of human emotion and a cinematic lover of the light.
I bet everyone writes, natural candid and non-posed. Urgh, I can’t be doing with seeing those words anymore, haha!

When everyone writes the same thing it just pales into insignificance, right?

OMG yes! I hate it! It’s like people don’t know how to really explain their style. It’s like, okay, whats the most common way to describe it.
A photographer should know their style as it’s deep within them. They should express how they feel, not just the same tired words everyone else is using.
“I’m red, blue and yellow” or “I’m the darkest maroon, an ocean deep blue and a sunset that burns yellow.”
Feel your art! Know your truth and believe in your peronal style as if it was entire being!
LOL Sorry I’m preachin’ again
Any final tips that you want to give couples planning their weddings?
Start early, try not to stress, keep it you, ask advice, have fun. The biggest thing is always remember WHY you are doing it, not what you’re doing πŸ™‚ never forget the love you share.

Can’t think of a better way to finish off. Thank you so much for your time! 😊

Thats alright CP πŸ™‚ glad I could be in the interview thingy!

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