That headline intrigued you, right?
Although it does read a lot like it might be click-bait I promise you that it isn’t – allow me to explain.

What’s the biggest fear you have about your wedding day?
For the majority of couples it is concerns about the weather which is just down to luck or playing the odds.
There’s never a guarantee when playing the odds though; I have performed in glorious sunshine at a December wedding, had to fight through a blizzard to perform at a wedding in March and the worst weather I’ve witnessed at a wedding was in July.

The weather is the thing that you can simply can’t do anything about, well actually – that’s not true.
The one thing you can do is prepare.

Hope for success but prepare for failure

If you blindly go into your wedding day just hoping the sun will be shining gloriously then you are potentially setting yourself up for a massive fall because if your luck doesn’t come in then you end up with soggy guests, rushed wedding photos, and normally very drunk guests who with nothing else arranged for them just tend to head to the bar.

Preparing for rain is pretty simple really.

Speak to your photographer – One of the things that couples feel is lost when there is bad weather is the quality of the photographs, in particular the group shots.
Have a chat with your photographer and put together a contingency plan of how and where photos will be taken if the sun gods let you down.
A good professional photographer will have great ideas and might even suggest that you utterly embrace it – like my good friend Sadie Osborne suggested her bride did in this photo.

Buy umbrellas – You don’t need one for every guest but just get a few.
If the forecast is looking bad for your wedding day then your guests will probably be aware of it and can sort themselves out.

Have back-up footwear
Wellington boots totally go with any wedding dress so have them ready in case the worst happens.

Speak to the venue
Find out in advance what the options are for your day from your venue in case there are other rooms or things they can offer to make ease the difficulty of the day.

Have a wedding magician –┬áThis is where I come in as a magician, the drink’s reception isn’t the most fascinating time for guests because generally it involves just standing around for a couple of hours and occasionally getting called up for a photo.

Now imagine that rather than being able to just enjoy the grounds of the country house you’re getting married in they’re instead forced inside to where the bar is by the weather – we know how this ends……guests hammered by 3:30pm.

By booking a wedding magician at this time you are preparing for every possible circumstance.
If the weather is great then a wedding magician such as myself will make the guests who are soaking up the sunrays even happier with some fun, icebreaking entertainment.
However when weather is rubbish I can really come into my own. Frustrated guests who are feeling cooped up inside can be shown incredible feats of sleight of hand, mindreading and hypnosis which will occupy them fully at this time, make their trips to the bar less frequent and generally stop there feeling like there is any lull at all.

Best of all a magician like myself can move from performing outside to performing inside with no effort whatsoever as there’s no equipment to move, I’m a self-contained unit – so if out of nowhere the heavens open then it doesn’t disrupt my performance at all.

That’s the strange and highly logical reason to book a wedding magician.

And finally – prepare your mindset
You cannot control the weather and thinking that you can is ludicrous – we are, as humans, only ever in control of our thoughts and actions and that is what we should concentrate our efforts alone.

More importantly it is imperative that you, as a bride, properly understand fully the incredibly privileged position you find yourself in.

In the highly unlikely event that the weather was so bad that your whole wedding got cancelled then although that would be a pretty awful for you to deal with.
However you’d still be in a position where you were in love, you had someone to love you back, a place to live, knowing where your next meal was coming from etc.
You’d still be in a very enviable position.

If you can view it from this point of view then a bit of rain changing your wedding photos a bit and forcing part of your wedding to be held inside of your lovely venue rather than outside of it doesn’t seem that bad now really does it?

Learning to be grateful in these situations can be so empowering.

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