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To avoid any confusion I’m the idiot looking guy in the photo.

My name is Chris Piercy and you’re in all likelihood a female who is getting married – a genuine thank you for trading your email address for the audio download.

Which I hope, but cannot guarantee with help you feel less stressed as you’re planning your wedding.

But you look like an idiot and you’re a magician how can you possibly help?

I’m primarily an incredibly experienced professional wedding magician but I also have a background in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and Stoic Philosophy.

I’ve combined my experience, knowledge and expertise into a book all about how to be stress-free throughout your wedding planning.

The book, as you might have guessed it the one I’m holding in the photo.

 Inspirational and Philosophical 

Written beautifully, read nicely and love that it sounds very human but also well planned.
Looking forward to implementing new knowledge to help my fiancé and I have a relaxed wedding, just as we both envision.
I am determined not to stress him or myself throughout this process because it is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened in my life.
I want a lifelong marriage, not just a perfect wedding. Our wedding will be wonderful because it’s him ^-^

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Blissful Wedding Planning

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A brilliant book: helpful, healing, humorous. Like no other wedding planning book I’ve seen! Get it!

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