Award winning means basically nothing.

Price, whilst a consideration, should be thought of last.

And to a certain extent although it’ll affect your decision to make an enquiry or not a supplier’s website isn’t that important.

The one question that you and your partner should be asking yourselves when it comes to deciding upon a certain supplier is as follows.

“Do they care about my wedding?”

I’m not sure if this comes across as fluffy or airy-fairy but I genuinely think that being able to answer this with a Yes should come above everything else.

Allow me to explain.

Why are you booking any supplier?

In general the reason for booking a supplier falls into two categories want or need.

“Needs” are things without which the wedding doesn’t happen for example the registrar and also things like the food without which your guests are probably going to be heading off the the nearest drive-thru not long after the ceremony.

The “wants” are the bits and pieces that are put in place in order to stamp your personality to your wedding day, make it more fun, make it more memorable, make it prettier – for example.

Whether or not a certain supplier is a want or a need is nearly irrelevant as regardless of this you are booking a wedding supplier to improve your wedding day.

Caring is key

How can you tell whether a wedding supplier cares or not about your wedding?

Well it is sometimes blatantly obvious and your gut feeling will probably be right but consider two different scenarios when speaking with a potential supplier.

Scenario A

You make an enquiry with a supplier and then instantly come back to you with an email telling you how much they cost and what you get for your money.

Scenario B

You make an enquiry and the supplier arranges a mutually convenient time to have a chat on the phone.
During this call they ask how the wedding planning is going, find out about other things you’ve booked, asked about guest numbers, asked about timing and shown a genuine interest in everything.
After getting this information from you they’ve clearly gone through their different wedding packages with you and which they think will add the most value to your day.

Now whilst it is great to get an instant answer and price as in scenario A to me it seems as if a supplier like that is essentially viewing you and your wedding as a number, a notch on the bed post, a bag of money.

In scenario B you have a supplier who wants to find out as much as they can about you and your wedding so that they can use their expertise and knowledge in order for them to provide you an option which is going to improve your wedding.

Wedding suppliers don’t bite

A lot of couples seem to dislike the idea of getting on the phone for 5 minutes to chat about their wedding plan with suppliers, whilst I understand this to a certain extent on the other hand this is your bloody wedding!
Surely you want to get to know your supplier a bit before parting with your hard-earned cash?

Exceptions to the rule (well, sort of)

As with most things in life there are exceptions to the rule.

In this case there are two times when perhaps this matters a little bit less.

  1. If you’re booking/hiring a product or object for the wedding such as “L.O.V.E.” letters in these instances you’re essentially just looking for a price. (However I still think that knowing the people you’re dealing with seem interested in your wedding day.)
  2. When you’re booking something that you don’t particularly care that much about, maybe a last minute addition that you’re looking into because you’ve found a few quid left in the budget at the end. (Again I’d still suggest that the supplier caring is important)
  3. If you’re someone who prefers to book on price rather than quality – no matter who you book there will always be someone cheaper.

This is the end

Booking suppliers who have shown a genuine interest and care about your wedding day guarantees that you’ll receive a better product/service from them as they have taken time to understand your needs/problems and then offered solutions to these.
They want to help you have the best wedding possible and by booking them the chances are that you will achieve just that.

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