Hiring a Magician can be a Minefield but help is at hand

You’ve decided to hire a magician to provide entertainment at your next event, but who do you choose? How do you know who is going to be suitable for your event? How do you separate the good from the bad and the just plain ugly?

This simply written guide will help you know what you need to ask any magician you are looking to hire, as well as any questions you need to ask yourself as well as just general advice.

It has been put into the simple acronym M.A.G.I.C to make it easy to follow and understand.


  • M – MAKE sure you tell the magician as much information as possible about your event.
    Are you looking for Wedding entertainment? Party Entertainment? or something to liven up your corporate event? Which date is your event on? What time of day are you looking at hiring a magician? How many guests will there be? What is the age range of your guests? The more information you provide the easier it will be for the magician to provide you with a quick and accurate charge for their services, whether they are available or not and whether they are even suitable for such an event.
  • A – ASK what the magician’s act consists of – are they strictly an adult entertainer or can they entertain children as well? Is there any routines that they might do which you could consider offensive?
    Would you prefer that the magician doesn’t perform mindreading, pickpocketing or hypnosis at your event or are you happy to give them free reign to perform whatever they deem suitable for the event.
  • G – GET recommendations and reviews of the magician, there may well be testimonials of them on their own website but try to find independent and unbiased reviews.
    By putting their name into a search engine and find them reviewed on the websites of entertainment agencies, Tripadvisor, Facebook Pages or in the local press.
    If you cannot find any directly ask the performer where you might be able to find some.
  • I – IMAGINE the performer at your event.
    Every good performer should have good pictures on their website/Facebook page both professional taken pictures perhaps at a studio as well as pictures of them performing at events.
    Videos of them performing should be available to, search for their name on Youtube or simply ask the magician if they have any videos of them performing.
    Now you’ve seen them either in pictures or video or ideally both try and imagine them actually performing at your Wedding, Party or Event – do they fit in with the style you are going for?
    Have they got the right look about them? Do they look modern and contemporary or do they look dated and out of place?
  • C – COST – This may well be the crucial deciding factor on who you decide to hire, however you should consider this – a performer’s cost is not just the amount you are paying them to perform, more importantly it is the amount that they value their own performance.

    Most people have never thought about not hiring a magician before and will have no idea how much they should expect to be paying – this amount will vary depending on Location, Day of the Week, Type of Event, Number of Guests and a number of other factors including again how much a magician values themselves.

    Professional magicians will normally have a range of different packages available and will be open and frank about which one is the most suitable for your event.

    Magicians are booked for on average 2 hours for most events, the price of booking a professional magician will vary massively, for a professional (as in performing magic is their full time job) you will be looking at paying a minimum of £400, there is no real upper limit – the price will be dependent on the factors listed above, this will be even higher on prime dates such as Bank Holidays, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day etc.

    If someone is charging less then the amount outlined above it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be good but it means they do not value themselves fully as a professional magician, they might be able to do a few tricks but do they have the experience to know how to allot their time properly when performing to 100 or more people?
    Do they know how to deal with hecklers? Will they provide a top quality service?

    You have to ask yourself if you’d rather invest a bit more money in your event in exchange for the time of professional who will guarantee a top rate service.

The Bottom Line when Hiring a Magician

  • When hiring a magician book someone who replies promptly, answers all your queries openly and honestly and preferably in well written English.
    If they are not available then they should be able to recommend a suitable alternative.


  • Book a magician who seems completely confident that they understand what you are looking for in terms of entertainment and believe they are genuinely the perfect person to perform at your event.
    Again, if they are not suitable they should be able to recommend somebody else who is.


  • When hiring a magician choose a performer who is open and honest about reviews they have received from previous clients.


  • Hire a magician who looks right for your event, someone you can imagine entertaining your friends, family, guests or staff.


  • Although price is always going to be an important factor in deciding which magician you are going to book try not to let it be the be all and end all.


  • You are much more likely to regret going for the cheap option than you are going to regret paying a bit more money for a professional service.

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