When should you have a magician perform at your wedding?

As a full time professional magician who performs the majority of his work at weddings I have learnt a thing or two about the wedding industry as a whole and how it is best to fit my performance into your day.

“But isn’t your job just to come along and do card tricks?” you might ask and an amateur or hobbyist who hasn’t yet realised his importance on a wedding day might struggle for an answer to this but the truth is that any wedding magician worth his salt will have a much better answer to this.

Yes, obviously a wedding magician will come along and perform card tricks (and hopefully a variety of other unexplainable things besides cards) but it isn’t the entertainment that you are paying good money for you are paying for the service that they provide.

Weddings are boring!

Now that got your attention didn’t it? Now obviously they aren’t exactly boring HOWEVER there are two periods of the day when there isn’t normally a lot going on, the first time period is directly after the wedding ceremony – the bride and groom go off to have their photos taken and what are the guests doing……
That’s right they’re stood around sipping champagne, making small talk, eating a canapé and waiting for the next part of the day to happen – this is typically 1.5 – 2 hours.

The second time is directly after the Wedding Breakfast where again there is typically a period of up to 2 hours where guests are again waiting for the evening reception to start.

As a professional wedding magician I always recommend that couples book me for the time during the day where there is the least amount of other things going on which typically means that I perform during one or both of these two periods.

When to have a wedding magician perform.

You can of course book me or any other magician to perform at any time of your day – below is the break down of when and why you might have your wedding magician perform.

At the Drinks Reception/Wedding Photos

  • Chris’ Magic effortlessly breaks the ice between guests who have just met.
  • Knowing that Chris is thoroughly entertaining all your guests allows you and your partner to fully relax and enjoy having your photos.
  • Chris’ phenomenal performances prevent any lulls or dead time between the Wedding ceremony and the Wedding Breakfast.
  • Chris can perform in any environment – if that pesky weather should turn bad Chris can continue performing inside at a moment’s notice.

During the Wedding Breakfast

  • Reduces the stress of your seating plan as Chris guarantees to give even complete strangers something to talk about
  • Creates a buzz and atmosphere around the room and builds anticipation and excitement for waiting tables.
  • Keeps everyone entertained while they are waiting for their much needed meal.
  • Potentially stops people drinking too quickly!
    – Chris will personally liaise with the caterers to ensure that he performs BETWEEN courses rather than whilst people are eating their chicken or beef!

The Inbetween Bit/Room Turnaround Time

  • Keeps the day flowing well and prevents a lull in proceedings.
  • Will bring members of the two families together and provide real talking points.
  • Will make the time between Daytime and Evening seem a lot shorter for guests.
  • Allows time for the Evening Reception to be prepared without guests interfering!


The Evening Reception

  • Chris can work alongside absolutely any other entertainment you have organised.
  • For guests attending just the evening do, Chris can help integrate them into the wedding seamlessly.
  • With the day’s formalities completed the evening is all about enjoying yourselves, Chris performing casual strolling and table magic is the perfect way of doing this.
  • Provides a real fun and mind-blowing end to your Wedding Day
  • Unlike most other magicians Chris is a qualified Hypnotist so you have the option of Hypnosis as part of the Evening entertainment.

If you’re not sure how magic will work best on your day then please get in touch with Chris to have a chat about your Wedding plans.