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Wedding Magician in Dorset Chris Piercy
Chris' jawdropping magic performed for Debbie at Lower Stockbridge Barn

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Exquisite, Elegant, Engaging Entertainment

Professional Close-Up Magician Chris Piercy has one main goal when he is hired, he wants to help make your event UNFORGETTABLE.

Chris does this with his slick delivery, razor-sharp wit, devilish charm and mind-blowing magic!

Chris’ magic is the ultimate ice-breaker at any event, his style is fresh, contemporary, fun, engaging, interactive and most of all entertaining.

Close-Up Magician

Close-Up Magic is, as the name suggests, magic performed directly next to the audience themselves.

Audiences think that they’ll be able to catch Chris out whilst performing as he is right next to them but they never do.

If you hire the right magician they don’t see anything and they don’t suspect anything.

If you are planning a wedding, a corporate function, birthday party  or throwing a lavish dinner Party then contact Chris today for a no obligation quote to see what he can add to your event.

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The perfect entertainment for hire for ANY event

Your Event deserves exquisite entertainment and Chris has a modern and contemporary style which is exactly that.

His style is a far cry from the cheesy and corny magicians whose image you might conjure up upon hearing the word magician.

Forget handkerchief trails.
Lose the image of top hats and rabbits.

Now think of signed coins bending in spectator’s hands.
Imagine Chris naming the film you’re merely thinking of.
Be baffled as a borrowed wedding ring appears inside of a sealed envelope that was inside 3 leather wallets!

Reasons to Hire Chris to be your Magician


  • …are looking for entertainment with a fun, engaging, fresh and innovative style.
  • need entertainment for any event where entertaining an adult audience is the primary focus.
  • …are someone who books based on quality over price.
  • …want someone who will create lasting memories and an unforgettable experience for all.
  • …want someone fun and dynamic who will adapt his performance to be perfect for your event.
  • …desire a performer with full Public Liability Insurance who is also a member of Equity, the performer’s Union.
  • You are particularly looking for a bald magician with a beard.

Reasons you shouldn’t Hire Chris

  • The event you are organising is a children’s party.
  • You haven’t taken the time to look around his website.
  • You’re looking for the cheapest ma