Chris Piercy Magic

Uniquely unforgettable entertainment
experience for exquisite events and weddings

Are you ready for Chris Piercy Magician to upgrade your event to unforgettable?

Now, I’ve been told that I should keep writing in the 3rd person but I’m not going to do that.

It’s me, Chris, typing so I’ll tell you what I can do to make whatever event you’re planning even more amazing.
Just to be clear it’ll still be great without me  but you should still book me though.

The unique, contemporary and downright hilarious entertainment that I offer will make any event unforgettable, I can personally guarantee it.

I simply love making people smile, bringing laughter, shock or sometimes even silence to weddings, events, Christmas parties, corporate functions and more.

I’m based in Dorset and perform across the UK.


Wherever I perform I leave jaws on the floor (still attached to the skull of course).

People who witness my performances will talk about me, my amazing magic, good looks, incredible beard, charisma and modesty for months after I’ve left.

I’ve had some clients even go as far as to say that I’ve been the highlight of their entire wedding day.

If you’ve decide that you want your event to be remembered for the right reasons and feel like your guests deserve an unbeatable magic, mindreading and hypnosis experience then you’re in the right place because I can promise to do exactly that.

But what is the event you’re planning? 

Chris Piercy Magician

Elegant, Exquisite, Engaging Entertainment


As a professional close-up magician I always have one goal: I want to help make your event UNFORGETTABLE. Honestly I’m normally pretty good at making this happen with my slick delivery, razor-sharp wit, devilish charm and mind-blowing magic.

From years of performing at hundreds of different events my magic is the ultimate ice-breaker.
My style fresh, contemporary, fun, engaging, interactive and most of all entertaining.
Because professional entertainers should be that above everything else, right?

When booking a magician it’s easy to think that you’re just booking someone to come along and do some card tricks or perhaps make things disappear. 

Whilst that might be what I’m doing AT the event please understand that’s not really what I’m doing FOR the event.

So what do I do? Allow me to explain; I….

– BREAK the ice between people who don’t know each other.
– Create a fun and enviable atmosphere to make your event flow.
– Kill the dead time and lulls (particularly prevalent at weddings!)
– can make your guests/friends/delegates/staff feel valued, thought of and stop them being bored.
– Add an unforgettable nature to your event (for busienss events this might include giving away souvenirs from tricks with your company’s branding).
– Shows you and your guests things they have never seen before and will never see again.

A Respected, Professional, Hilarious and Dynamic Magician

As one of the busiest and sought after magicians in the UK (seriously, I often can get 10+ enquiries for a single date) I pride myself on providing an absolutely first-rate service to you from your first contact with me right through to performing at your event and afterwards too.

I have a very dynamic style and a naturally witty persona which allows me to quickly and effectively adapt my performance so that it is the perfect fit for your event or whomever I’m performing for.


Whether I’m entertaining a lavish Christmas party at The Savoy or a raucous hen party at someone’s house my performance will be adapted to the environment perfectly.

I can be the perfect gentleman at your luxury corporate event OR, shall we say “less-elegant” at the hen party.

I will get it right for your event.

Wherever I perform you can assured that I dress smartly and will favour a three-piece suit over anything else unless requested otherwise.

I am a highly respected wedding and events professional, Amazon best-selling author of a book on dealing with Wedding Planning stress, Podcaster, Public Speaker and you might have also noticed that I’m bald.

If you like everything you’ve read and seen and think that I’ll do everything that I’ve promised to do then it’s time for you to get in touch.